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Caning Repair near Jamestown, NY

Yesterday's Treasures

Quality Wicker Repair and Restoration

Welcome to Yesterday's Treasures, your source for quality antique furniture repair and restoration near Jamestown, NY, and the Chautauqua Region. We specialize in all types of chair caning, wicker repair, reed weaving and restoration. No matter if your piece was a castoff, a diamond in the rough from a yard sale, or an heirloom that's been with the family for years, you can be confident that Yesterday's Treasures has the resources and the experience to revitalize it and make it look brand new.

Owner Allene Hooper brings over 19 years of experience to your wicker restoration project.  Her attention to detail and knowledge insures that the finished product is faithfully restored to its original beauty.

Whether it's an antique baby carriage, caning for your favorite chair, replacing the reed weaving on a porch rocker, or rush weaving your dining chairs, Yesterday's Treasures can bring it back to life.


We do every job right the first time so that you are 100 percent satisfied. After all, it's your furniture, and we want to restore it to your exact specifications. Our restoration services can increase the lifetime of your beloved pieces for years and years. No matter if your wicker piece is antique or contemporary, we can give it a new lease on life!

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Caning Repair Jamestown, NY
Armchair Before
Chair Caning Jamestown, NY
Armchair After

Yesterday's Treasures near Jamestown, NY also offers machine caning, wood furniture repair and refurbishing, including complete re-gluing projects. We can handle even the most drastic repairs. See above: this chair came to us in such a state that it required complete disassembly. No worry- we had the skills to re-glue this wonderful antique, restoring it to its former beauty. 


Yesterday's Treasures invites you to browse through the photos of recent furniture restoration projects to view our caning repair and wicker repair work. The "before," "during" and "after" photos give you a chance to view the entire restoration process, and illustrate the transformation that takes place once the project is complete. The repair process requires a great amount of attention to detail - a large contributor to each pieces' beautiful outcome.

Intricately Patterned Antique Rocking Chair

The gorgeous antique rocking chair below is a family heirloom, but it has seen better days. It was used for years, and then saw some neglect when in storage. Here at Yesterday's Treasures, though, we have a knowledge of the period in which this chair was originally crafted, as well as the skill necessary to match the intricate weaving pattern on the chair's back. Our careful work, comprehensive knowledge and attention to detail mean that this chair can now stay in the family for another hundred years!

Wicker Repair Jamestown, NY
Caning Repair Jamestown, NY
Intricate Weaving Pattern
Chair Caning Jamestown, NY
Wicker Repair Jamestown, NY

Antique Wicker Armchair

Looking at the "before" photo of the antique wicker armchair above, you might assume that it had no hope to be useful again. However, wicker repair is an area of expertise at Yesterday's Treasures, allowing this piece to add charm and utility to someone's home. This is the kind of revitalization that we perform every single day at Yesterday's Treasures. If you own a piece of wood or wicker furniture that has seen better days, don't throw it in the trash. Call today and let us bring your heirlooms back to life.

Caning Repair Jamestown, NY
During Armrest Restoration
Chair Caning Jamestown, NY
During Armchair Corner Repair
Wicker Repair Jamestown, NY
Before Damaged Wicker Armchair
Caning Repair Jamestown, NY
After Beautifully Restored Antique Wicker Armchair

When you come across an antique piece of furniture, or something you pick up on the side of the road or at a garage sale that you can see potential in, bring it to Yesterday's Treasures near Jamestown, NY. Specializing in chair caning, reed weaving, and wicker repair, we are confident that we can bring the piece back to life for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Proudly serving Jamestown, NY, and the surrounding area.

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We offer quality antique repair and restoration for a wide variety of different types of furniture. We specialize in cane, reed and wicker furniture repair and restoration, as well as rush weaving. No matter if it's a simple regluing or a total refurbishing, you can rely on us! Bring us your couches, chairs, settees, tables, bassinets, baby carriages and doll buggies. Whether they are cherished family heirlooms or you found them on the side of the road, we'll make them look like new all the same.

"Each piece is treated as my own."

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